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Music for Phone Booths

Jeff Kolar
12 Dec–13 Dec 2018

Located at County Building Phone Booths, 121 N. LaSalle, Pedway Level

"Music for Phone Booths” is a multi-channel audio installation and recorded album intended to defuse the hectic atmosphere of Chicago’s City Hall and County Building. For this site-responsive work, Jeff Kolar has composed original music for playback inside five vintage, abandoned phone booths located underground in the Chicago Pedway. The compositions feature an 1863 S.D. & H.W. Smith pump organ, voice, and electronics. The project investigates the style, function, and format of Background Music - music created to be passively listened to. “Music for Phone Booths” is intended to induce calm and serve as a comfort station for daily commuters.

"Music for Phone Booths" was a featured part of Short Cuts, a program of Pedway-based events organized by Acute Angles, Inc., with support from the Chicago Loop Alliance.