Space p11 was an independent gallery for off-grid art, architecture, and culture.


Directed by David Hays and Jonathan Solomon, Space p11 explored divergent futures and evolving alternatives to modern progress in the context of contemporary cities, bringing people and ideas together through exhibitions, performances, talks, and reading groups that foreground outside research, extra-disciplinarity, shared agency, and distributed expertise.

Space p11 was located within the Pedway, a network of pedestrian tunnels and bridges, commercial spaces, government facilities, transit stations, and other public and private infrastructure threaded throughout downtown Chicago. Designed by Chicago architects Future Firm for a vacant storefront, the gallery appropriated methods of retail display—from picture windows to neon signage—to reach an audience of commuters, residents, students, and explorers.

Space p11 was a project of Acute Angles, a Chicago-based non-profit committed to editorial, curatorial, and event-based projects in arts and culture. The project was supported by grants from the University of Illinois, The Awesome Foundation, and the Graham Foundation. Space p11 closed in 2022.