Space p11 is an independent gallery for off-grid art, architecture, and culture.


Directed by David L. Hays and Jonathan Solomon, Space p11 explores divergent futures and evolving alternatives to modern progress, bringing people and ideas together through exhibitions, performances, talks, and reading groups that foreground outside research, extra-disciplinarity, shared agency, and distributed expertise.

Space p11 is located within the Pedway, a network of pedestrian tunnels and bridges, commercial spaces, government facilities, transit stations, and other public and private infrastructure threaded throughout the Loop, in the heart of downtown Chicago. Out of sight but within easy reach, the Pedway is used daily by thousands of commuters, residents, and students to whom it offers shortcuts through the urban grid and shelter from extreme weather, yet it remains little known to others.

Space p11 is a project of Acute Angles, Inc., a Chicago-based non-profit committed to editorial, curatorial, and event-based projects in arts and culture, and publisher of the journal Forty-Five. Designed by Chicago architects Future Firm, the gallery appropriates methods of retail display—from picture windows to neon signage—to reach an audience of commuters, residents, students, and explorers.


55 E Randolph Street, Pedway Level, Chicago
Free and open to the public

Exhibitions at Space p11 can be viewed Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, and Saturdays 10-5pm. Please wear a mask in the pedway and practice social distancing.