• Interior Landscape Residency

Can I Hug You?

Twin Projects

07 Dec–28 Feb 2022

Can I Hug You?, is a series of tactile forms that are meant to breathe, grow, and respond with their environment. The soft shapes that form this landscape are uncanny hybrids of the human body and nature. The aim is to undo the notion that humans are separate entities from the landscape they occupy. By examining this porosity the participant can become a passive and cooperative shape in this microenvironment. It touches on the importance of a hug as a powerful language in society and the absence of it during the pandemic. The participant is invited to physically extend their body into the interior space, allowing for closeness and mutual subjectivity with all categories of living bodies present in the space. The participant will be provided with a series of exercises that will help achieve oneness with these body shapes.

Twin Projects is a studio collaboration between two siblings, Nazifa and Shifa Virani, who spent a large part of their youth in their father and grandfathers architecture offices. Their childhood was spent creating makeshift dollhouses from discarded architectural models and tiny handmade entourage figures and as they became teenagers our favorite hobby became visiting every Corbusier, Kahn and Doshi buildings they could get to in the architecturally bustling city of Ahmedabad they grew up in. After years of pursuing their architectural dreams in different cities, they came together in 2020 to create Twin Projects.